An amusing game

Andrew played this game on the internet recently – 5 minutes each on the clock, but the game was over very quickly!

White Black (Andrew)

e4 d5 (The Centre Counter Defence – a useful weapon)

exd5 Nf6 (sacrificing a pawn for rapid development)

c4 e6 (White tries to hold on to his extra pawn)

dxe6 Bxe6

b3 Qe7 (a surprising move, but often effective: the immediate threat is Bxc4+)

Qe2 Nc6

d3 Nd4 (and White is now in real difficulty: d3 didn’t achieve much for him))

Qe5 Nc2+

Kd1 Bg4+ (winning the White queen, so White resigns immediately)

The moral? Rapid development often works wonders!

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